As part of their 45th Anniversary Legacy Project, the Cochrane Activettes purchased 10 AEDs ( Automated External Defibrillators) to be placed at various places around Cochrane to make it a heart-safe community.

Members of the Activettes recently had the pleasure of delivering lifesaving AEDS to six businesses and organizations. Recipients included: The Cochrane Movie House, Cochrane and Area Humane Society, The Clothesline, Cochrane Alliance Church, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Bow Valley Baptist church, Tim Hortons Westside, Heartland, Madaans Petro Can Sunset, 7/11 Esso Riversong and the Cochrane Food Bank. The AED that will have a home at the Food Bank will be available to rent for functions in the community.

The AEDs are registered with the free AHS database.