We provide food support to our community.


A Community Effort

Since 1995, the Cochrane Activettes, in collaboration with dedicated community volunteers, have been at the forefront of operating the Cochrane Food Bank. Our journey began in the humble confines of the Anglican church’s basement, where we initiated our mission to provide essential support to those in need.

Today, the Food Bank is not just a facility but a beacon of hope, managed by two part-time employees and fueled by the unwavering dedication of approximately 20 volunteers weekly. These volunteers are the backbone of our operations, working tirelessly to make a tangible difference in the lives of Cochrane residents.

Together, the Cochrane Activettes and our volunteers embody the spirit of community service, ensuring that the Cochrane Food Bank continues to be a vital resource for those who need it most.

Region-wide impact

Thanks to you, the Cochrane Food Bank has has been serve Cochrane and area residents for nearly 20 years. 

2023 Statistics

1,913 hampers

2,875 Adults

2,144 Children

Cochrane Food Bank Lunch Program

The school lunch program ensures that no child goes hungry during their time in the classroom. There is a huge increase in the demand for this service in the 18 schools in our area.

Children are growing, and what may have been ample in yesterday’s lunch and snacks provided by the home may be inadequate the following day. Students cannot learn on an empty stomach. Those schools that have been proactive in providing nutrition throughout the day have recorded a big increase in learning and a parallel decrease in disruptive behaviour. In addition to the shelf-stable items that we supply, schools are given a budget to purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and protein items. We have had very positive reports from schools on introducing this program – kids eating real food.

The Food Bank also provides weekend bags to those children identified through their school as needing additional food to support them through the weekend

Caring Hands, Community Heart, Nourishing Cochrane

We welcome donations to help support the Food Bank and to ensure that we can continue helping others in need. Your donations help to provide hampers filled with fresh produce, eggs, margarine, frozen meat and vegetables, milk, bread and non-perishable food items.


Cochrane Activettes delivers over 150 food hampers per month to families in need.

Our corporate partners

Thank you to our generous partners and supporters.