Cochrane's gently used clothing store.


A Community Treasure

Since its inception, the Cochrane Clothesline has been a symbol of compassion and sustainability, championed by the Cochrane Activettes and a team of devoted community volunteers. This initiative took root with the aim of providing affordable clothing options to Cochrane’s residents, especially for those in challenging circumstances.

The Clothesline is more than a store; it’s a community hub where kindness and support are woven into every garment. Operated by a small team of part-time staff and bolstered by the commitment of numerous volunteers, the store thrives on the collective effort to serve and uplift our community.

Each week, these dedicated volunteers bring the spirit of the Cochrane Activettes to life, ensuring that the Clothesline remains a welcoming place for all. Their efforts go beyond merely sorting and selling clothing; they foster an environment of inclusivity and care.

In partnership with our volunteers, the Cochrane Activettes continue to nurture the Cochrane Clothesline as a valuable resource, embodying our commitment to service and the betterment of Cochrane. Together, we make the Clothesline a hub for sustainable living and community connection.

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Location & Hours

Bay 5, 122 – 4th Avenue West
Cochrane, AB
Phone: 403 932 5984

Monday to Friday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 10am-7pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm

Sustainable Giving, Empowering Lives, Strengthening Cochrane

We warmly welcome donations of gently used clothing, accessories, shoes and household linens to support The Cochrane Clothesline. Your contributions play a crucial role in not just providing affordable clothing options but also in fostering a sustainable approach to community support.

Each item you donate helps us extend a helping hand to those in need while promoting eco-friendly practices.

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