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Join us in our mission to enrich lives in Cochrane! Since our founding in May 1978, the Cochrane Activettes have been a pillar of support in our community, dedicated to aiding those in need. Our endeavors, from running the Cochrane Food Bank to organizing the annual Share Your Christmas program, thrive on the generosity and commitment of volunteers like you.

Why Volunteer with Us?

Make an Impact: As a volunteer, you play a crucial role in our activities, whether it’s helping out at The Clothesline, our lightly used clothing store, or packing gifts for our annual Share Your Christmas program. Your time and effort directly contribute to bettering the lives of those around us.

Connect and Grow: Volunteering with the Cochrane Activettes is more than just giving back. It’s about connecting with like-minded individuals, building friendships, and developing new skills.

  1. Application: Click on the Fill in an Application button to start your journey with us.
  2. Submission: Complete the volunteer application form and submit it. We value every application and look forward to understanding how you can contribute to our cause.
  3. Confirmation and Scheduling: Once your application is reviewed, you’ll receive an email confirmation and be registered in our volunteer scheduling app, Better Impact. Following any necessary orientation or training, you’ll be able to view and sign up for volunteer opportunities.

For Groups

At this moment, we are not accepting group applications. However, we appreciate your interest and encourage you to check back in the future for group volunteering opportunities.

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Our Mission

The Cochrane Activettes are committed to the betterment of the Cochrane community. We offer food, clothing, financial resources, and volunteer opportunities to uplift and support those around us. Your involvement as a volunteer is integral to our mission. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful difference in our community.